Board of Directors 2013

Hagbros was founded on one family’s dream to build a world-class manufacturing company that enriches the lives of the employees, customers and the community that it touches.

Standing on the shoulders of entrepreneurs from two previous generations Hagbros is one branch in a family tree of winning companies that are rooted in a commitment to innovative product development and customer focused engineering solutions.

Hagbros and their sister companies, Grace Manufacturing, Microplane and G5 span a variety of industries that grew out of the original Grace Manufacturing machine shop established in 1962 by Louis and Margaret Grace in Memphis, Michigan.  Through a long line of inventors, entrepreneurs and metal workers the Haggerty-Grace family at Hagbros is focused on precision tooling, mold making and customer focused manufacturing solutions.

Hagbros is built from top to bottom to provide competitively priced molds and engineered manufacturing solutions that get ideas from concept to market faster than the competition.  Built to meet  the market’s needs for an efficient and talented company committed to customer focused solutions and industry innovations Hagbros is one of the fastest growing manufacturers  in Texas.  We are out to prove it makes business sense to manufacture in the U.S