Hagbros Precision has acquired an additional 4,000 sqft manufacturing facility.  The added space will be used to add additional capabilities such as waterjet machining.  The new facility has also an overhead bridge crane that will be used to create a more optimal assembly area when when assembling products for our customers

Hagbros Precision has added a Maxiem 1530 waterjet to it’s current equipment list.  This will allow Hagbros Precision to bring in house certain manufacturing capabilities that were being outsourced allowing Hagbros to decrease lead times and lower costs adding additional value to the services provided customers

July 2015, Hagbros Precision wins the prestigious “Ethics in Business Award” for the small business category.  The winners are selected through a vetting process by Concordia University Business students who then present their recommendations to a committee who select the final winners.  Hagbros Precision won the award alongside Kendra Scott stores for mid-size business category ..

Hagbros Precision has gone live with a new ERP system automating many back office tasks and integrating shop floor control software with accounting software.  The system chosen was Shoptech’s E2 system.  This will allow