tool & die

Whether we are designing molds to be run in your facility or ours we will working closely with you to determine the appropriate level of tooling required. From prototype and bridge to production mold to class 101 molds we have the expertise to provide you with the tooling that fits your needs.


Our Welding and Fabrication Technology Team has over 25 years of experience in shielded metal-arc welding, oxy-acetylene welding, MIG and TIG welding, and air arc & plasma cutting. We specialize in Fabrication processes of blueprint reading, layout , cutting and preparing materials for assembly from Steel , Aluminum , Custom Steel & Stainless Steel .Various types of plate steel , formed & expanded metal , tube stock , square stock , & sectional metals are all part of our pro folio. We provide Sawing , Bending , Shearing , Burning , & Assembly of your weldments along with machining capabilities if required. We also provide various protective coatings including Phosphate, Zinc Chromate, Black Oxide, Prime & Paint , & Powder Coating to name a few.

Our TEAM of experts will work hand in hand with your Engineering, Quality , Purchasing Depts. to insure a quality product built to your specifications.


With our 40 staff strong company, we run 2 full time shifts, plus weekends.  Our crew operates out of 3 buildings full of equipment including 9 CNC Milling Machines, 5 CNC Turning Centers, 5 EDMs (both Wire & Sinker), several grinders and large manual mills & lathes.  This gives us tremendous capability and capacity to efficiently handle quick turn projects and of course large production orders.  We are the leading CNC job shop utilizing innovative ERP software to manage workflow. Using state-of-the-art equipment, years of combined experience and a relentless commitment to each customer, we specialize in finding economical solutions to complex manufacturing challenges.Our production is closely integrated with our full time QA department to ensure reliable, repeatable quality. Our clients are large corporations, small companies, and independent entrepreneurs spanning many industries. In servicing such a broad range, we bring together a deep pool of varied disciplines, experience and skill to offer an extremely well rounded and diversified source for your manufacturing needs.

production machining

 Hagbros contains complete contract manufacturing offering a range of precision machining services, including CNC machining, Wire EDM, CAD/CAM services and ISO compliant quality standards.  Our award winning custom machining capabilities are leading the industry in central Texas.  Our machined products are produced with a wide range of materials from aluminum, brass, copper, carbon, leaded steel, stainless steel tubing and are manufactured according to specifications and drawings provided by the customer.  We also use certified vendors for outside sourcing of special processes such as plating and heat treating and our 3rd shift allows for expedited completion of jobs.  Being full integrated with our fabrication business enhances our machining capabilities and allows our customers to reduce their vendor base with confidence.  Our team of metal working professionals, engineers and customer service personnel take pride in getting things done right the first, on time, every time.

EDM wire & sinker

Hagbros Precision offers extensive Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) capabilities, which provide a superior manufacturing process for creating complex geometries. EDM is well-established as an essential capability for manufacturing, especially when working with tight tolerances and in circumstances where you need high accuracy and reproducibility.

Hagbros Precision is equipped to handle your most demanding EDM needs thanks to an assortment of four high performance wire and sinker EDM machines. EDM machines are only as good as their operators. Hagbros Precision’s EDM department is staffed by skilled, experienced technicians using sophisticated Master Cam software.

injection molding

 With our 190 ton Toshiba injection mold press, we have the ability to either fulfill your production needs with your existing molds, or precisely evaluate molds that we just designed and built for you to get them up to production levels that will satisfy your company’s high quality standards.

This accumulation of resources under one roof provides you, as our customer, with a unique and time saving turn-key solution for any and all of your plastic injection molding projects.

This very close and efficient iterative engineering cycle translates directly into better, faster molds for you, and will give you an immediate advantage to maintain and increase your company’s competitive edge.

design for manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing: With nearly 40 employees from engineers to machinist & fabricators making 100’s of unique parts every week we know how to make stuff. Consulting with our customers on design for manufacturing occurs daily. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your next project.